Another Redesign for cunningtitle

Once again, in a desperate (and probably ultimately futile) attempt to encourage myself to post more, cunningtitle has been redesigned.

Now that my stint at URN’s Big Picture is over, I hope to be a little more open with posts and slightly less neutral. That said, I hope not to rant too much. Yelling and writing a post entirely in capital letters, whilst creating absurd and wonderful insults is, to be fair, fun. Nevertheless, it is what all blogs are: ultimately a bit self-indulgent.

It also tends to draw comments – the currency that many (although certainly not all) bloggers worship. But most exchanges as a result of a rant boil-down to a shouting match.

Comments are still something I’ve always prized on this blog, since it means I’ve written something worth bothering about. What’s more it’s why I’ve installed the very useful IntenseDebate – to try and have discussions rather than turn this site into some sort of droning monologue.

So I’ll try to avoid ranting.

Other people are entitled to their opinions, but they’re wrong.

Mark Kermode

In theory, more open (a neat way of saying “veering towards biased”) posts should make it a bit easier to post regularly. Over the last 6 months (when cunningtitle was using the Hemmingway theme) I tried to be as neutral as possible in posts, to the point of sacrificing content and quality – a grand total of four posts since January, mostly because when I sat down to write I confess I had a complete block.

Whether I’ll actually post more is probably subject to justified skepticism.

So in summary, the following will be moderately-biased, sporadic and self-indulgent blogging that occasionally rants, but tries very hard not to (and probably uses brackets far too much in the process).

Sounds like a good tagline.