A Small Break in Proceedings

I realise there’s hardly been an avalanche of posts lately, but I thought it would be worth pointing out there will be very little blogging from me over the next few months.

I’m currently working on a few small web-related projects which will eventually be blogged about. Just not quite yet.

I may still blog occasionally but I suspect it will still be pretty light.

It's Not Just the Economy, Stupid (Although it is Mostly)

As a result of Alan Johnson’s resignation today, Ed Balls has become the new Shadow Chancellor. Inevitably there will be much speculation about the consequences this will have on Labour’s economic policy, given that Mr. Balls has argued so strongly against any cuts and even spoken out against Alistair Darling. Ed Miliband has tried to pre-empt this a little, but if this is a quote jumped-on by the coalition may have got himself into a bit of trouble:

Economic policy is unchanged. Actually, Ed and I have similar views

Either way, there is another aspect to this story. It may be worth remembering that Ed Miliband was elected Labour leader when the final round distributed the second preference votes of Ed Balls. Both men are perceived* to be backed by the trade unions.

There has been some comment from Ed Miliband in an effort to calm talks of strikes. It will be interesting to see if the language changes over the next few months. I suspect there may be little movement in Labour’s position on the issue to try to detach themselves from being seen as a “party of the unions”. However, it might be worth watching how each side reacts.


* Whilst looking up articles for this post, I found a bit of number-crunching by the BBC that suggests Ed Balls didn’t get the union backing many expected. Nevertheless, perception could be everything.