iPad Mini Predictions

Today’s the day for Apple’s October press event. The received wisdom is that the major announcement will be an iPad mini to compete with Amazon’s Kindle.

I actually really want this to be false. As useful as it would be for Apple, my own “please release this”-request would have to be an Apple television. This is only partly because I want to see what other industries Apple can change. It’s also because I want to see a genuine surprise announcement. Far too many of Apple’s recent announcements have been ruined by leaks, such as the new iPad and the iPhone 5. It would be good to see some of the famous Apple secrecy pay off again.

Version 5

You might have noticed that the layout has changed a bit. Over the last few days I’ve developed a new theme for the site to take advantage of some of WordPress’s more integrated features, in particular the wonderful JetPack plugin.

You’ll notice the comments system has changed a little (I’ve abandoned IntenseDebate for now), and there should be a much wider variety of things posted here. URLs are also much cleaner, and only rely on the post title rather than the category (although the old links should still work).

Let me know what you think. If people like this theme enough, I might well release it as a proper theme on wordpress.org, although the code itself needs some tidying.

(Photo: Stepper Point in Cornwall at sunset)