Stuff I've been working on: Full Fact

A quick update on what I’ve been doing with my life recently. I’m currently doing an internship with the good folks at Full Fact – an independent factchecking organisation who take newspaper headlines, political claims etc and, well, fact check them.

Here are a few of the articles I’ve done over the last few weeks:

There are of course, many more factchecks available on the Full Fact site, which (unsurprisingly) I very much recommend.

One thought on “Stuff I've been working on: Full Fact”

  1. Nice work! I enjoyed the marriage article. It's funny how the former archbishop's campaign to block (perfectly reasonable to anyone who isn't a bigot) marriages was called “Coalition for Marriage”, when it's clearly anything but.

    Is it undemocratic, you might ask, to pass progressive laws, even if the full weight of public opinion isn't behind them? I guess it is, in which case, we'd better get minorities a separate area of the bus to sit in. Nice one 'bish.

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