Cobalt CSS

It’s about time I released some more code, so I’ve put Cobalt CSS on GitHub. It’s a very small CSS kit – a bunch of styles and font layouts that can form the basis of a site if you’ve need something to work with.

The code is very much a beta at the moment. I intend to release a much bigger project with the optional use of modules, which in turn need some sort of CSS. The CSS kit should provide a basis for that, but because the full project isn’t complete it is likely to change. For the time being though, you can find the site for the kit (with demo) at

Feather: An absurdly light PHP framework, from scratch

I’ve recently started pushing updates to a new project on my GitHub profile, tentatively named Feather. The idea was to build a tiny MVC framework in PHP, partly to see if I could. I’m slowly adding to it over time and its in a highly unstable and incomplete form, but feel free to take a look.

Edit-in-Place with jQuery

I’ve just released a very simple JavaScript file via GitHub which provides the basis of a Flickr-style “edit-in-place” (i.e. you hover over the item, it turns yellow, you click and it is replaced with a form without you leaving the page). The file relies on jQuery to work its magic.

You can find the repository here:

It’s not exactly a complex script and probably needs some tidying, but I hope it’s of some use. Full credit should go to Drew McLellan at 24 Ways, who provided the original example in Prototype.js