Hi! I’m Rob Lowcock, an engineering lead at Unmind. This site is where I blog about various things relating to programming, tech and management.

I previously worked on Chop Chop at Sainsbury’s – a 60-minute grocery delivery service where I was lucky enough to work with Pivotal labs and learn about lean development, TDD and Extreme Programming.

Before that, I started my career in software at Miniclip, working as a web developer (mostly working in PHP).

One health warning for this blog: don’t expect a series of definitive articles on exactly how to manage or write code: despite having worked in the industry for over 8 years, I’ll never know everything about any single subject. I’ll write about what I think is best practice and a good idea, but these things are almost always nuanced. I know what works for me, but best practices, technology, and opinions do change over time.

All that aside though, welcome!

(You can also find me on Twitter @robl)