Site content: more tech posts

I’m changing the overall theme of what I write about, and planning to write more about tech and web development in the future.

For roughly a year this site has been in an unintended hibernation, partly due to a lack of time, but mostly due to a lack of effort on my part. Once again, it’s about time to start writing again.

It’s also that time of year when bloggers tend to make New Year’s resolutions to write more, and sites filled with posts apologising for not writing more gain a new article.

So this isn’t a post promising to post more, but rather an indicator of what I am going to post about in future, namely more tech posts. It’s likely a lot of them will be related to web development and web technologies, but there should be a few more general tech posts as well.

Any posts older than this one are a random assortment of blog posts ranging from ice cream recipes to film reviews, but I’ve left them in tact (albeit uncategorised) on the basis that I try not to delete posts.

Oh, and the photo isn’t mine I’m afraid – it’s from the excellent Unsplash.

A new domain

You might have noticed a slight change to the site: specifically the name and domain. It was about time I changed the old to something a little more relevant, and given I’m now doing much more tech (now working as a PHP Developer), this seemed more appropriate. So, without further ado, welcome to

For anyone wanting to know what on earth the webscale thing is about: I refer tech-minded folk to (apologies for the less-than-savoury language).

For those less tech-minded: “webscale” is the notion of a technology being able to handle traffic with relative ease, without collapsing under the sheer weight of users. It’s become something of a catchphrase in some circles, to the point where people sometimes ignore other considerations. The hashtag thing is Twitter’s fault.