Author: rob

  • Calling RESTful APIs from Flutter using BLoC

    I’m currently experimenting with BLoC on Flutter – a pattern (and library) for managing state. I was trying to find an example for connecting to a REST API and found an excellent tutorial by Kustiawanto Halim on just that. Although I’m a huge fan of rapidly advancing technology, unfortunately, it has meant the tutorial is […]

  • Listening to Your Team: Lessons from Basecamp

    There has been a lot of talk recently about Basecamp, and in particular a policy change and all-hands meeting that together ultimately led to the resignation of around a third of their employees. The Verge has an excellent summary of what happened, gathering evidence from various people who were there at the time, so I […]

  • Personal Health and Wellbeing, Then Family, Then Work. In that order.

    A friend recently reminded me of the wise words of a former manager of mine, when explaining his approach to time off and priorities. He held his hand flat, level with his nose, lowering it with each fragment of the sentence. It goes: personal health and wellbeing, then family, then work. In that order. It’s […]

  • Hello world (again)

    There is a long list of attempted blogs that I’ve tried to put together in the past. Frequently they end in the same dearth of posts so this time I’m not making any promises about posting frequently. That being said, there should be few posts about tech, programming and management. Fingers crossed I won’t be […]